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March 26 2018

Applied Energy and Stokvis Energy Systems celebrate three decades of embracing innovation

When Geoff Peters established his building services consultancy in 1988, the economy was just entering the last big recession, the BBC staged its first Red Nose Day and British boyband Bros dominated the charts with five hit singles, including “When will I be famous?”

Geoff may still not be a household name, but his company, Applied Energy has certainly earned a good reputation within the industry, having grown a great team of long serving enthusatic engineers working across a number of sectors including commercial and industrial premises, education, healthcare and hotels.

In fact, one of his earliest projects was the installation of two new Stokvis Energy Systems Econoflame boilers in what was then a Swallow hotel – also marking the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with the British heating equipment company.

As a practice, Applied Energy is called upon to carry out numerous ESOS – or Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme – reports for clients ranging from SMEs to major sites like shopping centres. When these and other opportunities lead to actual upgrades to save energy and improve performance it is often Stokvis Energy Systems which is involved as the chief supplier.

This collaboration has included numerous installations of the Econoplate plate heat exchangers, Stokvis booster sets, prepackaged boiler plant, and straightforward replacement of standard efficiency boilers with advanced, fully modulating models such as the Stokvis EVOLUTION range.

Geoff Peters commented: “I supervised the Swallow Hotel boiler room refurbishment back in 1990, and the plates are still there andstill performing well.  Stokvis Econoplate plate heat exchangers, are the ‘belt and braces’ specification when it comes to guaranteeing building users totally reliable, high performance hot water supply.”

Whilst Applied Energy delivers tried and tested solutions for its clients, Geoff points out that one of the key fears for any consultant, is risk of failure and that this can inhibit their willingness to embrace new advances in technology. He believes that this is a primary reason for the slow adoption of new products and services across the sector.

By contrast, Applied Energy has from its earliest days, sought to find ways of delivering energy efficiency and environmental benefits: adopting a sustainable approach to interpreting client briefs before the word entered the construction lexicon.

Geoff continued: “Our project portfolio demonstrates our commitment to working with manufacturers and suppliers, in the development of products which deliver energy efficiency and other benefits. This has required the encouragement of a team spirit amongst all those involved so as to effectively harness the various and differing technologies associated with any project.

“Thus our clients can reap the benefits of a first class total solutions package: enabling them to meet head on the challenges being set by Government – targeting ever greater emissions reductions.” The consultancy has embraced these challenges by tapping into the knowledge and expertise of manufacturers such as Stokvis Energy Systems, together with trusted installers, in order to deliver innovative solutions which are also robust and reliable.   

As Geoff reflected: “In an industry where sadly some end up falling out, I believe our relationship with Stokvis is one worth celebrating as being well tried and tested and as a result delivering good outcomes for the end user.”

A crucial element to sustainability and the reduction of any installation’s environmental footprint, must involve addressing embodied energy and therefore the whole-life potential of any product.

Not only have the boilers, plate heat exchangers and other products supplied by Stokvis proved themselves to offer extended working lives and low maintenance, but the manufacturer continues to improve its designs and component build quality.

Coupled with initiatives such as BIM, it can be expected that the excellent consultant/supplier relationship forged between Applied Energy and Stokvis Energy Systems almost 30 years ago will continue to deliver benefits for clients well into the future.

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