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August 2 2016

Bristol University


An on-going programme of energy upgrades and planned replacement for properties belonging to the University of Bristol has demonstrated both the versatility and the economic viability of Stokvis Energy System’s Premix boilers.

Two years ago a pair of R600 Series boilers were installed by Mitie Engineering in the plant room supplying admin and teaching facilities, linked to the Social Sciences department, in the city’s Clifton district.

Interestingly in the case of the first contract, concerns about the gas pressure available from the mains led to the project team opting to de-rate the Stokvis boilers to avoid any risk of them cutting out at times of peak demand. Therefore instead of modulating from 76 up to 475 kW, the two boilers were set to offer a range of 76-380 kW. Students resident in the converted Georgian townhouses served by the plant room, have enjoyed uninterrupted heating, as required, ever since the switchover was completed.

Andy Wigmore of Mitie Engineering comments:

“The Social Sciences building was a challenging project but the Stokvis boilers have performed well and we have a good working relationship with Stokvis.”

Stokvis offers customers a selection of high performance premix boilers suitable for the whole spectrum of applications including schools, hospitals, hotels and commercial premises. They are also available in the form of pre-packaged plant rooms where the self-contained module can feature a variety of other equipment including plate heat exchangers and pressurisation sets.

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