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June 28 2016

Latimer Place

Stokvis Econoplates promise swift pay back for Latimer Place Training Centre.

The major hotel and conference chain has continued with a corporate policy of updating mechanical services within its period properties through the installation of Econoplate packaged plate heat exchangers, for the supply of domestic hot water: the latest conversion contract focusing on a facility near Cheshunt in Hertfordshire.

The De Vere training centre at Latimer Place provides 40 bed places for the personnel of a blue chip corporate client, together with fine dining and other back of house services expected within a historic landscaped setting.

As with other properties in the De Vere chain, the mechanical and electrical services at Latimer Place are cared for by JB Hopkins: a Hampshire based consultancy.  In this instance the M8E specialist specified a pair of Stokvis E3A117 +1R Econoplate plate heat exchanger packages to meet the high level of demand.  For unlike a normal hotel of this size, the timing of training courses tends to lead to the majority of delegates returning to their rooms at the same time.

The engineer leading the project for JB Hopkins, Mr Ian Hodge, commented:

“We have been installing Stokvis Econoplates into De Vere hotels for 20 plus years to improve the hot water supply; and while such considerations as size and cost have to be taken into account when planning a job such as this, in this instance we needed to replace an old Beaumont water heater which no longer matched up to the requirements for a venue of this importance.

Switching to a plate heat exchanger also greatly reduces the risk of Legionella, but for Latimer Place reliability was a critical factor. It is written into the contract with the client using the facility that any loss of hot water results in penalties: so there is a potential pay back as well as in the much improved energy performance.”

Stokvis Econoplate PHEs are also ideal for use in conjunction with solar thermal panels to further improve efficiency. Here the solar heated hot water is ideally stored in buffer vessels and fed through the Econoplates to boost the temperature as demand requires it.

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