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September 16 2022

Newcastle United Academy Training Centre

Newcastle Academy 1

Newcastle United certainly aren’t a failing football club anymore.  Since being taken over in 2021, they’re making great strides again, both on and off the pitch.

But one thing that was failing was its Packaged Plate Heat Exchanger, at its Academy training ground. So, the Toon Army got in touch with Stokvis Energy Systems to help.

The Brief

Newcastle United told us they had this piece of kit that had become unreliable and wasn’t doing its job properly. Their existing Packaged Plate Heat Exchanger had come to the end of its lifetime, and as it was pre-season it was the perfect time to replace the unit. It was important there was no disruption to the playing side of things.

They needed a new product, and it needed to be installed. We had a three-week window before staff came back for pre-season, and this was the goal we needed to achieve.

The Challenge

Football training grounds are no longer just a muddy pitch and a concrete changing block.  They’re state-of-the-art complexes that have world-class facilities for elite athletes. And their reserve and junior teams get the same sort of treatment too.

The Newcastle United Academy training ground is home to eleven player changing rooms, a referee changing room, and a kitchen/canteen area.  So, we had to identify the correct piece of kit to install that had enough about it to provide hot water into a lot of areas. All of which might be used at once.

We recommended the Stokvis Three Port Econoplate Packaged Plate Heat Exchanger. It’s a unit that’s capable of fulfilling what it needs to do in several large-scale settings such as hospitals, hotels, blocks of flats and other complex process heating.  

We also had a short timescale to get the old unit out, and the new unit delivered and ready for installation. With that in mind, and to ensure the entire project was handled seamlessly. So, we recommended our Group partner JBC Industrial Services to fix the new unit in to place for the Premier League football club.

A lot to consider, but a very achievable task.

The Result

From end-to-end, we’d delivered the Three Port Econoplate Packaged Plate Heat Exchanger into Newcastle United. And it arrived complete with connections that were compliant with the existing water system.

The club also took our advice to use JBC as installer of the kit. And, once it had arrived, they were on site to get the unit in to place, tested and fully up and running.

We’d hit the three-week deadline with no obstacles. And that gave Newcastle United a good, solid, and reliable unit. One that could handle the entire Academy training complex’ hot water supply without any problems.

The club, getting geared up for the new season, were very pleased. Where players and staff are concentrating on player development and tactics, we made sure that the performance of their hot water supply no longer needed to be on their mind.

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