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March 4 2019

Stokvis Plate Heat Exchangers boost hot water performance for 500-bedroom hotel

Econoplate plate heat exchangers (PHEs), from Stokvis Energy Systems, have been installed as part of an impressive overhaul of the domestic hot water provision within a 500-bedroom hotel at Stansted Airport.

The building services upgrade at the Radisson Blu, Stansted, has been overseen by Manchester-based, [PS]K Design Ltd leading to the specification of four C3A 1350+0R Econoplates to replace the original PHEs one at a time.

The quartet of Econoplates was supplied along with unvented kits and made-to-measure insulation jackets to further increase energy efficiency. Stokvis’ own engineers carried out the commissioning of the units during July 2018; the scope of the work also included the installation of water softening equipment and a secondary return for the hot water service.

The senior engineer on the project for [PS]K Design, Steve Bartlett, explained: “The Radisson Blu, located close to the terminal at Stansted, not only has 500 guest bedrooms, it also offers conference and banqueting rooms, and a health club and various other facilities – together with a health club – so hot water demand is very high and subject to big peaks at different times.

“The original plate heat exchangers were struggling to cope so we decided to replace them with the four Stokvis Econoplates, knowing that they provide excellent performance and reliability, while the manufacturer also offers very good service. The new plate heat exchangers were selected to work at lower primary temperatures to maximise saving from setting back the boiler temperatures saving over 30% in energy costs. I have always enjoyed a very good relationship with Stokvis and this project has gone very well.”

Stokvis Econoplate units offer a well-proven solution for the supply of hot water services in all situations where demand is high, including the commercial, medical, education and industrial sectors, as well as hotels and leisure. They achieve this through low water volume and high surface area using either stainless steel or titanium plates, while also avoiding the need for storing large volumes of warm water and the risk of Legionella contamination. There is a very wide range of options to choose from including bare plate units, while they are often specified in conjunction with fully modulating Stokvis Boilers, such as the EVOLUTION range, and other products including booster sets.

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