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August 2 2016

Wokefield Park

Wokefield Park updates its hot water supply using Stokvis Econoplate technology Centred around an 18th century mansion house

The De Vere Hotel at Wokefield Park near Reading features an executive conference centre, championship golf course and leisure facilities in addition to 376 guest bedrooms, placing very high demand on the heating and hot water services. The latter having just been brought right up to date through the installation of two Stokvis Econoplate E4B59+1R packaged plate heat exchangers.

These offer very high flow rates direct from the boiler plant, with no need for storage, therefore problems of cycling to maintain temperature or the risk of Legionella are negated.

The installation at the flagship De Vere venue were carried out by J&B Hopkins, a specialist building services contractor and long term customer of Stokvis, based in Hampshire.

Ian Hodge who led the installation team for J&B Hopkins, commented:

“As well as the large number of guest bedrooms the plate heat exchangers are also serving the executive centre along with a swimming pool and a number of other facilities.

Basically the old hot water system featuring storage cylinders had been struggling to meet the demand at peak times – they were scaled up and just not delivering – so we specified a couple of the Econoplate units to replace them. I have installed Econoplate plate heat exchangers on many occasions over the past 15 years, including for other De Vere Hotels; and have done so to take advantage of their performance and reliability. And of course in hotels it is always about demand and reliability.”

Stokvis Econoplate plate heat exchangers provide excellent energy efficiency as well as high output and find applications in buildings such as schools, hospitals and leisure centres. The manufacturer also installs them in tandem with its high performance solar collectors where the latter are normally employed in a preheat capacity.

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