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November 17 2022

Econoplate by Stokvis: New and Improved

Are you ready for some exciting news?

There’s a new Packaged Plate Heat Exchanger that’s about to come to market. And guess what?

It’s the best Packaged Plate Heat Exchanger yet.

Our Econoplate has been the staple of many plant rooms and boiler houses for the last 30 years. And our latest version of the product is a revolution in its evolution.

Stokvis Energy Systems’ General Manager Toby Stone said: “I’m really excited about our new Packaged Plate Heat Exchanger. It’s the latest version of the Econoplate by Stokvis, and it comes with new features and benefits that haven’t been seen on PPHE before.  

“We’ve taken the best bits of the current Econoplate, like its outstanding build quality, performance and reliability, and fused that together with enhanced flexibility and a focus on optimum efficiency.  Add to that the option of a basic or intelligent smart control panel, and you’ve got a piece of kit that can truly be classed as state-of-the-art”.

State-of-the-art Econoplate by Stokvis

The Econoplate by Stokvis transfers heat from one medium to another. And, it only requires two fluids to make a single pass through the heat exchanger.

The control components are also continuously monitoring and regulating, making sure the desired output and efficiency is achieved.

It’s a simple, efficient method that delivers the best results. It has a low water content and low thermal inertia, so it’s the perfect product to use with systems that have varying heat loads. 

“We’ve told a few clients about the new Econoplate” Toby added. “And they’ve already asked if we’re able to demo the unit in action. They’re particularly interested in the smarter touchscreen controls, and we’re sure it’ll receive an overwhelming welcome when it launches next month.”

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