The newest, industry-leading packaged plate heat exchanger.

Designed to provide heating and hot water to industrial and commercial buildings.

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Stokvis Energy Systems is the leading name in commercial and industrial heating and hot water products, and we've taken the best product on the market and made it even better.

It's more intelligent.

It's more intuitive.

It's more flexible.

And it's WRAS approved.

The Econoplate is a ready-made solution in one compact package. All control components such as valves and pumps are pre-selected and installed to perfectly complement the required heat loads and duties of the system.

Due to the flexibility of the Econoplate packaged plate heat exchanger, it's the perfect solution for almost any application from almost any source, including steam to water (SW), domestic hot water service (DHWS), low temperature hot water (LTHW), and medium temperature hot water (MTHW).

The Econoplate by Stokvis is available in various configurations, with over 250 models to choose from.

How does it work?

How does the Econoplate by Stokvis work?

Econoplate units transfer heat from one medium to another. They only require the two fluids (or steam) to make a single pass through the heat exchanger, whilst the control components continuously monitor and regulate to ensure the desired output and efficiency is achieved.

This method is simple, efficient and delivers proven results.

The Econoplate has a very low water content, this allows for fast reaction times to varying duties or heat loads, and the risk of legionella is virtually eliminated.

What makes it the best
Packaged Plate Heat Exchanger?

We've invested time, experience and technology into our latest Econoplate, and we promise that it's the most efficient, smart, easy-to-use product of its kind.

We've been supplying the Econoplate for over 30 years and, in that time, we've become leaders in commercial and industrial heating – evolving our products and keeping them at the forefront of performance and efficiency.

What's on offer?

The Econoplate by Stokvis offers:

Touchscreen technology

It's never been easier to operate and monitor a packaged plate heat exchanger, thanks to our new, state of the art 7” full colour digital display option.

Full BMS connectivity via Modbus.

Multi point monitoring for ease of access to performance data and early identification of wider system issues.

Output ratings from 50kW to 1100kW per unit.

A number of models available, with DHWS, LTHW, MTHW and SW options.

Adjustable high and low temperature alarms.

Selectable high temperature lockout modes with built in manual reset hi-limit stat for G3 regs.

Single or twin head primary pump options.

Optional secondary recirculating or transfer pump.

Custom/tailored designs available on request.

Simple, Dependable, Proven.

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