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June 13 2017

Heating industry welcomes EVOLUTION from Stokvis

With a 30 year track record for reliability and innovation, the latest advancement to be introduced by Stokvis Energy Systems is the Econoflame R600 EVOLUTION range of gas boilers: which are being widely welcomed by specifiers across the commercial and industrial markets.

The R600 EVOLUTION range includes seven models offering outputs from 142 to 540kW, while combining high economy with compact dimensions, making them the ‘go anywhere’ solution for confined spaces in either retrofit or less accessible new-build applications.

In fact the new high efficiency boilers are all designed to pass through standard doorways, with boiler widths of between 466 and 746mm, and can be easily located in position as they incorporate wheels. For those really difficult access sites the boilers can be dismantled and then reassembled in the final position.

The R600 EVOLUTION boiler options are equally appropriate for tall buildings, offering 8 bar maximum pressure; while being lightweight (between 290 and 595Kg when empty) meaning the range is also suitable for roof top applications where structural limitations may be a consideration.

Then for further siting flexibility, inspection glass and ignition electrodes can be fitted in different locations to suit space limitations. And there is also the option to specify a room sealed version, with no change to the standard boiler.

Like their predecessors, the R600 models are designed for single or cascade applications: sharing load and optimising system flexibility, particularly for routine maintenance work.

It is not just practicality that Stokvis has applied to the design of its new boiler range: all offer the performance benefits of the manufacturer’s proven and patented water-cooled, down-firing, premix burner system. The fully modulating burner facilitates high turn down ratios to optimise efficiency at low system loads, while the robust stainless steel heat exchangers provide the boiler with a very long life

As a result the R600 range boilers deliver an eco-friendly class 6 NOx level, and are able to return seasonal efficiencies up to 110.4%. The construction of the units even includes the sustainable aspect of fully recyclable component parts.

Optional extra low loss headers are available, and if being used in a retrofit application onto existing systems, Stokvis Econoplate plate heat exchangers can be incorporated to create total boiler isolation from what might be a contaminated system.

Control options include those to address dual heating zones; a master\slave cascade control for up to eight boilers; a room unit for each heating zone and a choice of sensors including outdoor temperature compensation, DHW, heating zone and a low loss header sensor for cascade applications.

The R600 EVOLUTION range is just one part of a comprehensive selection of heating, hot water and process water solutions produced by Stokvis Energy Systems; backed up by full specification, commissioning and service support.

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