When it comes to transferring heat, whether it’s from steam to liquid or from one liquid to another, the Stokvis Bare Plate Heat Exchanger is one of the most efficient ways to get the job done. 

Our heat exchangers can be built for a wide range of specifications due to their modular design. With a choice of frames, plates, connections and plate types, these heat exchangers have the flexibility to suit almost any requirement. 

BPHEs can easily be disassembled for ease of inspection, maintenance or even expansion by adding plates. Due to the small dimensions of a BPHE, they can be transported, installed and accessed for maintenance more easily than most alternative heat transfer products. 

 Overall, our bare plate heat exchangers offer an efficient, cost effective solution, in a compact, easy to transport and install package. 


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Bare Plate Heat Exchangers

  • Easy disassembly for inspection or maintenance 
  • Able to withstand temperature approaches of less than 1°C 
  •  “U” or “K “ values three to six times higher than shell and tube exchangers 
  • Small footprint and light weight for easy transportation and rigging 
  • Fouling reduced, with dirty product deposits continually removed from the surface during operation 

***5YRS as standard, 10YRS when installed with a plate heat exchanger

**2YRS as standard, 5YRS when installed with a plate heat exchanger