When it comes to replacing existing boilers, logistics and space can render standard packaged plant rooms not fit for purpose. Our solution to this problem is the Stokvis Heatpak. 

Stokvis Heatpak is a unique standalone bespoke packaged plant room, tailored to the site-specific requirements offering the practicality and performance of a standard packaged plant room whilst overcoming the typical difficulties encountered with this type of project. 

Incorporating high-efficiency Stokvis boilers and the Stokvis Econoplate, the Heatpak provides a fully modulated, high efficiency heating and hot water system, dramatically reducing running costs. 

Heatpaks can be provided with boilers, plate heat exchangers, pressure sets, booster sets, pipework, insulation, valves, flues, controls and power, all  in six to eight weeks. On-site labour is also kept to a minimum which dramatically reduces downtime on site. 

Due to the low weight of Stokvis boilers, Heatpaks can be installed on roofs and alongside buildings, making it an ideal choice for decentralisation projects. 


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Bespoke Packaged Plant Rooms

  • Quick and easy to install, with rapid delivery in six to eight weeks 
  • Able to be installed on many roofs with structural limitations 
  • Ideal for fast-track programmes with urgent deadlines 
  • Dramatically reduces running costs, with a short payback period 
  • Can be finished in any BS colour, or with brick effects, blending in with most building designs 

***5YRS as standard, 10YRS when installed with a plate heat exchanger

**2YRS as standard, 5YRS when installed with a plate heat exchanger