The compact brazed heat exchanger (CBE) is the most cost-effective way to transfer heat between two fluids. 

CBEs are a sealed unit with no gaskets, eliminating the risk of leaks. 

With no need for gaskets or supporting equipment, around 95% of the material is used for heat transfer.  

Thanks to highly turbulent flows, our CBEs are largely self-cleaning, making Cleaning in Place (CIP) without disassembly possible, even in applications with a high risk of fouling or scaling.  

With their robust construction, stable thermal and hydraulic performance and also minimal maintenance, the Stokvis CBE is the perfect solution for heat transfer. 


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Compact Brazed Heat Exchangers (CBE)

  • No plate gaskets required – leaks eliminated 
  • Able to withstand temperature approaches of less than 1°C 
  • Low life-cycle cost 
  • Cleaning in place (CIP) 
  • Extremely compact 

***5YRS as standard, 10YRS when installed with a plate heat exchanger

**2YRS as standard, 5YRS when installed with a plate heat exchanger