The Stokvis Pressurisation Unit is our unrivalled solution when it comes to maintaining pressure in sealed heating systems or chilled water systems. This pressurisation unit ensures no loss of functionality by automatically pumping water into your system to maintain pressure. 

Offering full flexibility, the model range covers any size of system – from a single wall-mounted boiler to a several MW district scheme. In addition to this, the unit can be provided with a diaphragm expansion vessel to suit your system’s water volume.


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Pressurisation Units

  • Self-priming piston pump 
  • 18 litres per minute – max flow 
  • Control pressure switch, adjustable on-site to 2.4bar max 
  • Sealed unit eliminating corrosion 
  • Floor or wall mountable for ease of installation 
  • Front flush-mounted pressure gauge for ease of monitoring 

***5YRS as standard, 10YRS when installed with a plate heat exchanger

**2YRS as standard, 5YRS when installed with a plate heat exchanger