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March 8 2022

APPROVED: Stokvis’ Econoplate Heat Exchanger Range Renews WRAS Approval

As a leading supplier of commercial and industrial heating and hot water products, it’s important that the Stokvis product range meets the highest standards.

And recently, we’ve renewed our WRAS approval to cover a number of our products.

Following a long, strenuous effort from Team Stokvis, every model in the Econoplate Packaged Plate Heat Exchanger range has a fully renewed WRAS Approval status. That’s something that’s great for us, and also for clients.

Assurance to Customers

“We always commit to ensuring our products achieve standards that are a necessity in our industry” said Toby Stone, Stokvis Energy Systems General Manager. “It doesn’t matter how long it takes, we make sure we achieve it. Gaining WRAS Approval was a process which began way back in October 2020. It took us through the testing and unprecedented times that we’ve all endured with Covid-19.”

WRAS Approval gives assurance to customers that the Stokvis Econoplate plate range has been examined, tested, and certified as being the right quality and standard as required in the Water Supply Fittings Regulations, and Scottish Water Byelaws when requirements are met upon installation.

“It’s not an easy task to achieve such approval” Toby said. “So that’s why we have a team in place who are always on the ball. They’re also very diligent when it comes to the details too.”

“I want to thank everyone at Stokvis who’ve been involved in ensuring the Econoplate range achieved WRAS Approval. And for the hard work they’ve put into a very long application process.  They’ve left no stone un-turned in ensuring we’ve supplied the awarding body with every piece of information, evidence, and detail they needed. And then some more!”

Over 250 Models Covered in the Range

“I couldn’t be prouder of the team for getting this over the line” Toby added. “They know that our customers need to trust our product range. And sometimes we need to back up our fantastic reputation with the certificates to show that our level of service, and what we’re supplying is second to none. This was a lengthy process, and they stayed focused and determined throughout.”

The WRAS Approval certificate covers an astonishing 250+ models of Econoplate Packaged Heat Exchangers until at least January 2027.

You can see Stokvis’ approved products on the WRAS Approval page. You can also take a look at the full product range by clicking here.

Want to know more about the WRAS Approved Econoplate range from Stokvis?  Click here to send us a message, or call one of the team on 0208 8783 3050.

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