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Stokvis leads Evolution in heating technology

Tuesday June 13 2017

Renowned supplier of heating and hot water solutions, Stokvis Energy Systems has launched a new wall-mounted gas boiler range, offering high condensing efficiency along with minimum environmental impact.

The R40 EVOLUTION range encompasses six models delivering between 56kW and 138kW output; while for larger commercial requirements, modules can be combined to form a Modupak solution, offering capacities up to 1,102kW.

The ultra-high efficiency of the EVOLUTION boiler derives from the single or double-helix heat exchanger (dependent on model), which not only uses low water volume, but reduces hydraulic resistance and thereby the electrical consumption of the pump. Additionally, being made from high grade 316 austenitic stainless steel ensures longevity for the heat exchanger, as well as greatly improved reliability.

While many ‘high efficiency’ boilers feature aluminium heat exchangers, the EVOLUTION’s stainless steel alternative will continue to resist both the build-up of limescale, and the patination on the outside due to hot gases: both of which impede the transfer of heat. Furthermore, Stokvis utilises robotic laser welding techniques to join the exchanger tube and fins, ensuring the highest possible heat transfer.

All of this attention to detail results in a Seasonal Space Heating Efficiency for the Stokvis EVOLUTION boiler range, measuring as high as an impressive 92.5%. Either individually or in cascade installations, the boilers can achieve this performance consistently.

The R40 EVOLUTION also features a fully insulated casing, – along with weather compensation and DHW control – while other environmental benefits include its very clean NOx Class 6 rating under EN 15502: with readings in the range from 22 to 42 mg/KWh. Meanwhile CO2 levels are between 8.2 and 9%.

The Modupak concept comprises of a frame-mounted cascade of up to eight boiler units in a back-to-back configuration, or up to six modules in a linear formation. For speed of installation, it is supplied as a complete package, which includes the pumps, pipework and valves; as well as the header, dirt and air separator, manifolds, insulation, flues and control system.

The Stokvis Modupak, with the R40 EVOLUTION boilers are supplied in distmantled form, making it easy for retrofitting in the tightest of plant room spaces. Indeed, the individual sections being easily moved through restricted access routes.

Easy to site, eco-friendly and with multiple cascade choices, the R40 EVOLUTION and its virtually limitless Modupak options, make this new boiler range from Stokvis one of the most flexible on the market.

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