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October 31 2018

Stokvis performance in step with London’s ‘Cleaner Heat Cashback’ scheme

Business owners and facilities managers should move quickly to take advantage of funding for replacement boilers under the Mayor of London’s Cleaner Heat Cashback scheme, a major boiler company has urged.   

Paul Sands of Stokvis Energy Systems is alerting specifiers to the fact that the £10million energy saving initiative – launched by Sadiq Khan in July – will close for applications on 31 March 2020, or as soon as the money runs out.

Small to medium sized businesses, or SMEs who currently run boilers that are more than ten years old can claim up to 40% cashback when they install a new, more efficient model. Crucially, the scheme is seeking to not only reduce greenhouse gases, but also nitrous oxide or NOx emissions, which is why the Stokvis EVOLUTION ranges of fully modulating boilers are ideally suited to the scheme.

Pauls Sands commented: “Business premises currently account for 40% of the capital’s greenhouse gas emissions, and some 7% of NOx and as other clean air initiatives, such as targeting the most polluting cars and commercial vehicles, take effect, those percentages are set to become more significant.

“Our R40 and R600 EVOLUTION boilers are ideal replacement options, not only offering very high, fully modulating efficiency and best in class NOx emissions, but also being physically well suited to replacement situations.

“Unlike many other commercial boilers on the market, the EVOLUTION units are basically compact, and the R600 can also be dismantled to make it easier to manoeuvre through narrow doorways or down into basement plant rooms. I would urge London’s business owners and facilities managers to waste no time in taking advantage of this generous cashback scheme.” 

Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor for Environment & Energy, confirmed: “There are thousands of small businesses in London who have older boilers and this hugely innovative scheme not only helps them to save money, but it also reduces carbon emissions and improves the capital’s air quality.

“Businesses could save hundreds of pounds a year on energy bills by switching from an older, inefficient boiler or heating system – and this is exactly the kind of initiative that will help us achieve the Mayor’s ambition of making London a zero-carbon city by 2050. Tackling London’s filthy air is one of the Mayor’s top priorities and this is just the latest in a package of measures that he has introduced to improve the quality of the air we breathe.”¹

The R40 EVOLUTION range encompasses six models delivering between 56kW and 138kW output; spanning the scheme’s 70kW minimum  figure –  while for larger commercial requirements, modules can be linked along a wall or back-to-back to form a Modupak solution, delivering capacities up to 1,102kW.

The ultra-high efficiency of the R40 EVOLUTION boiler derives from the single or double-helix heat exchanger (dependent on model), which not only uses low water volume, but reduces hydraulic resistance and thereby the electrical consumption of the pump. Additionally, being made from high grade 316 austenitic stainless steel ensures longevity for the heat exchanger, as well as greatly improved reliability.

Furthermore, Stokvis utilises robotic laser welding techniques to join the exchanger tube and fins, ensuring the highest possible heat transfer. 

All of this attention to detail results in a Seasonal Space Heating Efficiency for the Stokvis EVOLUTION boiler measured at an impressive 92.5%. Then under EN15502. R40 EVOLUTION boilers offer a very clean NOx Class 6 rating with readings starting as low as 22 mg/KWh; while CO2 levels are between 8.2 and 9%.

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