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March 3 2023

The New Econostore from Stokvis 

You might have seen that here at Stokvis we’ve been launching yet more products.  This time, it’s the Econostore. And we’re excited to tell you about it…

As always with Stokvis, we’re continuously looking to develop new products, and improve our existing ones too. We do this to make sure our clients and customers have the most efficient, intuitive, and reliable hot water products around. And the Econostore fits right into that philosophy. 

Fast and efficient heat transfer with stored water

The Econostore is our newest storage-based semi-instantaneous commercial hot water unit.  It’s a state-of-the-art, industry-leading combination unit that combines fast and efficient heat transfer with stored water. 

This new Econostore is available in a number of options, and provides: 

  • Semi instantaneous hot water supplied on demand and rapidly reheated
  • Supplied fitted with our Econotrol, our pre-programmed, intuitive control panel 
  • Optional 7” touch screen display upgrade
  • Available with a standard range of storage capacities of 250, 300, 500, 800 and 1,000 litres
  • Duty Outputs from 50kW to 250kW with peak outputs of up to 5000 litres an hour
  • Larger storage options and increased outputs available on request
  • Low Energy Pumps for increased efficiency
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Primary heat source flow temp from 70 deg C to 90 deg C
  • Supplied fully assembled for ease of install
  • Selectable high temperature lockout modes with built in manual reset limit stat

Designed and built in the UK, it comes with a build quality that’s untouchable, and with a level of QC overseen by Stokvis that guarantees you’ll be satisfied. 

Compact, yet powerful

The Econostore is ideal for commercial applications of any size. Whether that be schools, universities, hotels, prisons, care homes or leisure centres. It’s even suitable for facilities of more than 100 rooms. The Econostore responds quickly to changeable environments, making it well suited to applications with varying demands. 

There is no more efficient solution than this compact, yet powerful combination unit to meet hot water demand.

With the flexibility from combining instantaneous and stored hot water, the Econostore is the perfect solution for environments where hot water demand varies, and high peak flow rates occur frequently.

To learn more about how the Econostore can improve the efficiency and performance of your commercial hot water system, head to, or call us on 0208 783 3050

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