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January 11 2023

The New & Improved Econoplate: Top Five Features

Our latest version of the Econoplate is the most sophisticated packaged plate heat exchanger we’ve ever created.

We’re always looking to evolve our best products. And this version of the PPHE brings with it the biggest changes in its 30-year life span.

Since its launch in December, we’ve been inundated with calls and queries about it: What’s different? How does it perform? How easy is it to operate…?

So, here are the top five features of the upgraded Econoplate by Stokvis:


There are several models of the Econoplate available, meaning there’s an option for every application.

We can manufacture and supply the Econoplate to work with DHWS, LTHW, MTHW or SW. And we supply it in either 2 or 3 port layouts, with either a single or twin head primary pump Add to that output ratings from 50kw to 1100kw, and there’s all the variation you need.

Having trouble deciding which option is the best one for your project? That’s where we come in. Our team of experts can ask you about your environment, help determine which is the best fit for you, and recommend the right Econoplate option to suit your needs. There’s over 250 combinations of the Econoplate.

Multi-Point Monitoring

With the new Econoplate by Stokvis, you will be able to identify systems issues early, more easily, and more accurately than ever thanks to the multi-point monitoring features we have added to this latest release.

Performance data is available in an instant. And monitoring can be done either by accessing the control panel screen, or by logging in remotely when connected via BMS.

Touchscreen Technology

A major improvement in this version of the Econoplate is the ability to operate the unit using an optional 7-inch touchscreen system, known as the Econotrol T2.

It gives users a greatly improved experience with a simplified layout. The functionality of this element has been carefully researched and designed to be as easy to use as possible in terms of operation and monitoring.

Modbus Connectivity

Our new Econoplate is now equipped with a simple to connect, Modbus connectivity option.

This allows it to transmit and receive data between the BMS panel and other connected equipment in the plant room.

Selectable lock-out modes

Safety is crucial in all plant rooms. So, we’ve included the functionality of an adjustable manual reset hi-limit stat in our Econotrol control panels. This can be linked to an optional secondary safety shut off valve to provide a complete safeguard for the system and comply with G3 regulations. 

Do you have any current or future projects that could benefit from the improved functionality and advanced technology offered by the new Econoplate PPHE?

Give Stokvis a call today on 020 8783 3050, or email to talk to our team.

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