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Heat Exchangers

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Our extensive range of heat exchangers are the perfect solution for commercial and industrial heating and hot water systems.

The flexibility and adaptivity of our range of heat exchangers means that there are almost no commercial and industrial heating and hot water requirements, that we can’t offer a solution for. Our range covers domestic hot water service (DHWS), low temp hot water (LTHW), steam to water and even complex process heating.

In addition to our purpose-built packaged plate heat exchangers, we also supply an extensive range of both bare plate and frame gasketed heat exchangers (BPHE), and compact brazed heat exchangers (CBE).

Our full range of heat exchangers are constructed using only the very best of components, ensuring reliability and longevity. In addition to this, every unit is pressure tested prior to leaving our manufacturing facility for added peace of mind.

If your requirement is heat transfer, the Stokvis heat exchanger is the perfect choice.

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